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The following organization/programs projects are breathing, active examples of ‘How to go forward in a world that doesn’t make sense: Just do it’: Much of my time is working with these groups. Here, a word about each one...





Cherish Moments - Lest We Forget Our Common Humanness

9.boys drawingAs women, a group will sit together and I marvel that as women, wives, mothers, spoke of family concerns that are largely universal, as are our joys. As I drive a family or a few men to the food market, we could be friends anywhere. Except in some cases, I see the visible body scars they have endured before leaving their country.



Today’s Fear and an Invitation

8.happy menMeanwhile, the media hastily reports with tremendous clarity about each day’s fear topic: terrorism. I offer an open invitation to anyone who thinks these people with whom I sit, with whom I share meals, — who are sleeping in tents in cold rain, who live in overcrowded camps with appalling sanitation, who are waiting for months for proper due legal processing, who’s children know the world by the actions they are subject to — I invite you...



The Task at Hand: Keeping America Safe

7.marine corpSharing this link….

This retired Marine Corps aviator served five tours of duty in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. Now out of uniform, he’s on a new mission: advocating for refugees on Capitol Hill. He believes that welcoming refugees helps keep America safe. See why:




In Reality

6.ARRIVALSThis week has brought a topic, or it seems, a continuing dispute, has once again surfaced amongst the Greeks, the International NGO (INGO’s) and the volunteers gathered here in Greece at this time. 


2016 ArtLife Society Director's Year-End Report

rose thank you

'Merry Christmas from the residents of Ritsona refugee camp. We thank the Greek people for your generosity in receiving and welcoming us.' 
--Ritsona residents.

It has been a while since giving an update for 2016.  I thank each of you for your thoughts, donations, encouragement, and holding the space for a bright 2017 for all.

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Perspectives No. 2 - Goods of Goodness: A Visual

It is the women, last week, at the Kara Teppe Refugee camp on Lesvos gathered around me, learning about alternative health products brought to them from USA donors. Each a beautiful woman, wife and mother, graceful yet desperate after so many months of displaced crisis, family separations, and uncertainty. They hold on to every word of instruction I offer, taking notes for future reference.

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Perspective No. 1 - Wordless in Greece

Perspective 1I am just now returning from a month in Greece. No email updates from me. No Lesvos Refugee Project broadcast blog posts. A handful of Facebook cute animal videos were shared from me, maybe in my need for quiet diversion.

I haven't written because I have not known what to write. The whole war and displacement of mass humanity, and the subsequent 'fall out' defies...

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Makes Sense to Me

5.bono.FLAGSpeaking on the refugee crisis, Bono said, referring to the refugee crisis: “Aid in 2016 is not charity; it is national security. It could be the best bulwark we have against violent extremism.”





You've Got to Have Nerve....

2016-09-06- uve Got to Have Nerve Blog Post
"It's not enough in life to be nice. You've got to have nerve."

Georgia O'Keeffe

This quote seems to encompass my sentiment of late. As I head back to Greece, doing what I can. I will be a volunteer both on the shores of Lesvos, ...

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Greece Doesn't Have Fireflies way roadBut, then, …I was corrected on that point.

Some musings, a little lighthearted.

  • As you pack your bags, for time spent in Greece's refugee camps, go with grey socks not white ones.
  • Busy camp, life. Limbo life. Not the dance kind. Lesvos has less to dance about.




World Review

3.fences paper dolls‘We are one’ has grave limitations if the fine print says ‘as long as you don’t cross the line, literally or figuratively.







‘At this time, no one has an answer.’-

2.sea watchHonestly, this world situation, as it is showing up here on Lesvos and elsewhere in Greece, is unexplainable. I spoke with a Director of THE key organization (I won’t give their organization name unless someone asks) that has been instrumental in writing, establishing, and implementing the EU-Turkey ‘Deal’. I asked him if, he, himself thinks the deal is working.

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Walking My Talk: Navigational Change

Walking my talk: we are all in one boat.

Shipment arrival update: The completion of this shipment ran into complications up to the day I left for Greece, and complications continued for my first three weeks upon my arrival.

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When is Solidarity Solidarity?

Refugee Crisis -- Solidarity -- Open the Borders - What’s the Current Situation?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. At least not tell you and feel that I am giving accurate and updated information. The situation changes daily and is fraught with misconceptions, high hopes, mistaken ‘facts’, ever-changed ‘clarifying’ politics, and anything else that makes for ‘updates’.

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This Moment, Going Back, Flowers and Bells: Thought One and Thought Two

1.stacey goatsLesvos: Few sounds are as sweet as sheep bells, the local herds walking 'home' along mountain trails in the evening, a hint of moon glint, enough to catch sight of their varying wool shades from creams to chocolate browns.

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Today’s words: Fluctuating and Indescribable: Lesvos Update

Skala Skymineas-aerial
I am feeling more settled here with each day, two weeks today. Maybe I can find words to write now. Upon arriving to Lesvos, walking into the tension, combined with the grief, combined with the sudden EU-Turkey deal, then the sudden deportation, and all the PTSD fatigue apparent to me in most everyone here, a swell of feelings possibly now able to surface amidst the lull in boat arrivals .... has all been lot for me to just notice.

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When stillness isn’t so still: Lesvos Update


I took this photo yesterday. It’s just a simple peaceful photo capturing Stillness, with a capital ’S’. In the late afternoon, I sat gazing across to the Turkish coastline, a calm welcoming blue sea. It was last June 2014, almost two years ago, that I sat on this very same bench, soaking up the stillness of the moment.


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