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As the refugee crisis changes, so, too, does our mandate to adjust how we, as a caring organization, can best serve the situation. Uncertainty continues as to how the Turkey/EU deal and the degree to which world attention affects the well-being of the vulnerable who have traveled far, physically and emotionally.

We continue to serve the person displaced by war and economic challenge. We increasingly find ways to further support the Greek communities that have been challenged by this influx of refugees.

Your donation allows us to purchase essential goods IN GREECE, stimulating the Greek economy, while simultaneously addressing the needs of this current refugee crisis. All shipments are received by organizers and volunteer teams whom we personally know and trust to receive and disperse our donations efficiently and reliably.

We periodically update our list of goods purchased from generous donations. Know where your donation money is spent. Click here to view Sept 1, 2016 Usage of Donation Monies Report.

LESVOS GREECE: How Bad Would Things Have to Get?

"How bad would things have to get, for you to spend all of your money so your family could cram into a small, flimsy, rubber boat with 40 other people?

Imagine you can’t swim, and nor can anyone else in your family. It’s night, you have no lights, and you must travel six miles across choppy seas. There is no captain. A man who has never even been on a boat will navigate. They tell you to sit on the dinghy’s inflated edge with your son on your lap. Your husband must stand, and you cannot see your brother near the back, because it’s so dark.

How bad would things have to be, before you put your family in that boat? How bad would things have to get, before you actually felt lucky to get a spot on that boat?"

-Excerpt, Piper Perabo,

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