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The current displacement crisis of humanity in Greece is ever-changing yet certainly seeming to not change simultaneously.

 Currently, refugee-filled boats that find their way into Greek waters, having departed from Turkish coasts, are usually intercepted by international coast surveillance ships. They are then escorted to land. From there the new arrivals are moved to the closest island reception camp or detention camp. Many are then moved to a ‘transient’ camp on the mainland.

The EU-Turkey Deal of March 2016 and the subsequent transfer of most refugees from Greek islands to Greece’s mainland ‘relocation camps’ has altered the entire situation.

There are more then 62,000 refugees and migrants currently waiting amidst the slow asylum application process in Greece, more than half of them are women and children. There are camps on several islands as well as many throughout the mainland. Most of these refugees have been living in these camps for over a year. And it makes little difference if a resident was a physician, an artist, a college professor or a baker. This is a dehumanizing condition of the camps, and sorely inadequate European and Greek government’s unified plan of action, and, sadly, a lack of education opportunity for an entire generation.

Cooking with Water Bottles-Refugee Camp
Transient’ camp, Greece, woman prepares fire for cooking… with plastic bottles for fuel.

ArtLife Society, through Lesvos Refugee Project, adapts our support as refugee displacement continues, both on Lesvos and now expanded to relocation housing and ‘hot spots’ within Greece.

Our scope of service has been Ritsona, a ‘transient’ camp for more than 700 people and other camps in the Athens area. Donations have also supplied goods sent to Idomeni, refugees who were suddenly stuck at the closed border to Macedonia until being dispersed to other locations in northern Greece. At times we partner with other known and trusted volunteer groups to meet a current need in another camp. On Lesvos, where boats continue to arrive, we will continue to monitor the needs of the Karakas lighthouse watch and beach clean up endeavors.

Additionally, where possible, we find ways to boost the Greek economy, and help those who are doing their best, with their own referendum challenges, to find stability during this time of refugee influx.

How your Donation Makes a Difference

Currently, donations are applied to one of three categories.

Childs Life Jacket1. Goods

We carefully search out wholesalers with best prices for needed goods, usually WITHIN GREECE, for items needed. By maintaining close contact with camp coordinators, we keep abreast of current needs, avoiding impractical, unwanted or duplicate donation items. Where applicable, we maintain reorders. *Having on-the-ground presence in Greece, working in the camps, further ensures that every dollar of donation money is used wisely, with thrift and efficiency a priority.

2. Services

When the need has been determined, we partner with individuals, teams, or organizations who are working toward care and wellbeing amidst this crisis situation, whether via medical, rescue, child protection, education, environmental or nutrition programs.

3. Volunteer support

Lesvos Refugee Project remains ready to give support to qualified volunteers who choose to volunteer in any number of ‘hot spot’ or ‘relocation’ camp areas in Greece.

For more specific information on Lesvos Refugee Project activity or volunteer inquiries, please contact us.

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