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As a 501c3 humanitarian charitable organization, we hold the belief that our world’s well being lies in the hands of those who have experienced goodness. Our scope of charitable service primarily addresses the emergency attention of those fleeing their war-torn countries.

As the refugee crisis escalated with boat arrivals to the Greek islands in early 2015, ArtLife Society with its new project focus called Lesvos Refugee Project, mobilized, planning support, attracting worldwide donations. As an organization, we maintain that focus, adapting our support as needs and urgent locations shift. We look to the day when each parent rests assured that, under the current world issues that pressed them to take this perilous journey, they have made the best decision in hopes to secure their family’s well being.

With your donations the Lesvos Refugee Project remains committed to that vision.



The EU-Turkey Deal and the subsequent transfer of most refugees from Greek islands to Greece’s mainland ‘relocation camps’ has shifted our donation focus as well.

As of March 2016, donations received to Lesvos Refugee Project are addressing needs in camps on the mainland, primarily Ritsona, a ‘transient’ camp for more than 700 people. Donations have also supplied goods sent to Idomeni, a gathering of 2000 refugees stuck at the closed border to Macedonia. As needs remain apparent, Lesvos Refugee Project will continue to monitor the needs of Lesvos Karakas lighthouse watch and beach clean up endeavors.

Currently, donations are applied to one of three categories.

1. Goods

We carefully search out wholesalers with best prices for needed goods, WITHIN GREECE, for items needed. By maintaining close contact with the camps coordinators, we keep close tabs on the needs, avoiding impractical, unwanted or duplicate donation items. Were applicable we maintain reorders. Using this approach, we are also supporting the Greek economy. *Having on-the-ground presence in Greece, working in the camps, further ensures that every dollar of donation money is used wisely, with thrift and efficiency a priority.

All donations to Lesvos Refugee Project are recognized as tax-deductible for the US tax payer. Donations can be specified for a specific purpose by indicating the intention when donating. Currently, we are appreciative of donations directed towards:

  • a Mother/Baby nutrition program at Ritsona where 45 women are either pregnant or breastfeeding and need a further augmented diet, lactation education, and birth control options. This is a $1200/month enrichment program.

  • Continuation of our successful and appreciated pastelli distribution, nutritious sesame honey bars for the 750 people in the Ritsona community. This is a $2500/month program


2. Services

When the need has been determined, Lesvos Refugee Project has supported, and will continue to support, individuals, teams, or organizations who are working toward care and wellbeing amidst this crisis situation, whether via medical, rescue, child protection, environmental or nutrition programs.

  • Lighthouse and ProActiva Lifeguards who are overseeing shore clean-up on Lesvos, an environmental discarded boat nightmare as well as continued
  • Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island, an organization which manages the ongoing and colossal loads of discarded refugee blankets and clothing. To date, Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island have recycled over 145 tons of material that would otherwise be sitting in Greek landfills.

3. Volunteer support

Lesvos Refugee project remains ready to support any qualified volunteers who choose to volunteer in any number of ‘hot spot’ or ‘relocation’ camp areas in Greece. For anyone wanting more information on this possibility, contact us.  We applaud the individual who elects to forgo their home, education, career commitments to join one of the finest collective gatherings of international volunteers to ever serve the greater good at a time when the needs are huge. We applaud you with a standing ovation! And we have deep gratitude for the individual or business who contributes to this valuable volunteer program. Make a contribution HERE.

  • Currently, volunteer Cullen Thomas, recently completed six weeks as a volunteer on Lesvos, teaming with Lighthouse organization on massive, successful, and on-going beach clean up. Cullen was also been part of the joint Lighthouse and Spanish Lifeguard teams for 24/7 surveillance of Karakas Lighthouse, a rocky dangerous coastal area where many refugee boats previously arrived. He worked with the best. He offered his best. He came away with rescue and instrument training he never could have imagined likely. And, he will agree, has returned to his life focus with a life changing experience.


Camping gear ready to deliver
Our 3rd shipment of emergency and camping goods sent to Lesvos. We purchase from Greek distributors.

Spanish proactivteam baby
Infant in safe care with Proactiva Open Arms Lifeguard

Numerous generous Iowa merchants donating essentials. Here: 2000 energy packets donated by Everybody's Whole Foods.

lifeguard beach cleanup

Know Where Your Donation Money is Spent

Lesvos Refugee Project Usage of Donation Monies: VIEW HERE.


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 Hellenic Coast Guard, daily rescues with boats never meant for    massive rescue efforts (no sound)

People of Nowhere from Lior Sperandeo on Vimeo.

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