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Our Mission

•  To address the needs of asylum seekers, now seemingly stuck in Greece,  who have fled war-ravaged homelands. 

•   To raise funds to improve the quality and safety in Greece’s makeshift tent camps.

•   To administer goods and education for maternity care, family wellbeing and the education of youth.

Our Vision

•   To see our world’s leaders commit to immediate effective policy that will enable asylum seekers residing in inadequate refugee camps throughout Greece to receive essential respect, support and advancement toward a secure future.

•   To do good, as Lesvos Refugee Project/ArtLife Society, in a world that doesn’t always make sense.

Woman being helped-Photo credit: Petros Tsamakis
Proactiva Open Arms Lifeguards bringing lives to safety daily. ‚Äč

What is the Lesvos Refugee Project?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The recent EU-Turkey agreements have made significant changes in the refugee crisis situation. The situation is uncertain, the ramifications of the new agreement yet to be determined. However, as of this writing, September 2016, refugee boat arrivals to the islands is once again increasing. Thousands of asylum seekers are stuck ‘in limbo’ in numerous refugee camps throughout Greece. The Lesvos Refugee Project continues with it’s mission statement.

The Lesvos Refugee Project was created in August 2015 when the need was urgent for international volunteers and support groups to form, in the absence of the world-at-large making a viable relief plan.

Since that time, with generous donations, the LRP has worked with volunteer teams on Lesvos and throughout Greece providing emergency supplies to keep refugees alive and safe upon their arrival and while they apply for asylum.

100% of donations have applied towards this effort. The Lesvos Refugee Project is a focus of ArtLife Society, a recognized 501.c3 charitable organization based in Iowa, USA. All donations are tax deductible. View chart of Lesvos Refugee Project "Usage of Donation Monies" HERE.

Supplies are purchased in Greece, thereby stimulating the Greek economy, and sent directly to humanitarian efforts on Lesvos and refugee camps throughout Greece. By keeping routine communication with reliable contacts, accurate supply needs can be assessed, ordered and dispersed quickly.


Map locating Lesvos and Refugee Camps

Refugee Camps currently existing in Greece, 3-26-16. Click on image to view full-size.

What would it take to be compelled to bring your family on a treacherous journey?

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