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Lesvos Refugee Project is a program affiliate of ArtLife Society, a US-based humanitarian and arts non-profit organization founded in 2002.

Summer of 2015 was a time Greece and the Greek islands were experiencing the humanitarian crisis escalating with multitudes of refugees arriving in rubber dinghies to the islands, primarily Lesvos.

Yet much of the world was slow to respond. The Lesvos Refugee Project was formed and remains committed to addressing the needs at refugee landing sites, the needs in refugee camps, and the adjustment of refugees as they establish themselves throughout Greece.

Bikes for KidsThe situation continues to change. In 2016 Europe has been progressively closing its borders, and has made agreements with Turkey to ship refugees back to Turkey. Greece has setup numerous tent camps in vacated military bases, skeletal factory buildings, and anywhere refugees could me placed throughout the country. As a grassroots organization, we focus donations and services that seek out and provide more humane conditions and longer-term solutions where we can.

Though the western media loses reporting interest, the crisis continues. Your support is as needed as ever.

Ritsona Refugee Camp
As with many camps now, Ritsona refugee camp, near Athens, is one of many camps where residents are now accommodated in trailer ‘IsoBoxes’.

Map locating Lesvos and Refugee Camps

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During the last two years of Lesvos Refugee Project service, it has become apparent that Greece is in dire straits economically. This resourceful country’s stability is further challenged by the refugee situation.

Threads That Matter supports the greek artist by bringing quality works to the world. Always, it is flourishing arts that enrich society even during challenged times. Proceeds from Threads That Matter sales further support the humanitarian efforts of the Lesvos Refugee Project.

Threads That Matter website is Here.


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